Advanced obesity, also known as morbid obesity, means being overweight. In obesity, the level of uric acid also increases, paving the way for gout. Hypertension is common in cardiovascular diseases and obese people. When you lose weight, blood pressure drops to normal values. Hypertension predisposes to atherosclerotic coronary artery disease with high triglyceride levels and low HDL.

Of course, it is a very sad situation to be unable to do even your normal daily needs without help at a very young age. These people become people who cannot sit in every seat, cannot get into every vehicle, cannot stand on their feet and need the help of others even to provide their daily basic needs and even personal cleaning. Even these alone can be enough to settle the feeling of serious depression and social isolation.

Psychological problems

Obesity has negative effects on the country as well as personal consequences. People face social and health threats as a result of obesity. Social adjustment problem is the most common problem in obese and overweight people. They usually stop seeing their friends and don’t want to go out. In some cases, beyond the psychological problems, reasons related to the inability to walk and limitation of movement also play a role.

Physical Problems

Some diseases are more common in people with advanced obesity. Among these, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes (diabetes), cardiovascular occlusion, strokes, gallbladder stones and diseases, joint calcifications, sleep-apnea syndrome and cancers of some organs such as uterus, breast, colon, kidney are more common. . In addition, mental illnesses such as regression in physical condition and depression appear more prominently due to struggling with chronic diseases.

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