Temporary shedding, called shock shedding, differs from patient to patient. After the 2nd month, this process ends. In the 4th month after hair transplantation, the hair strands begin to grow and the hair begins to take a certain shape. From the 6th and 7th months, it is expected that the transplanted hair will grow between 45% and 80%.

From the first fifteenth day after the procedure, hair loss, called the shock shedding phase, begins in the hair that is taken from the donor area and transplanted to the recipient area. These spills continue until the end of the third month. Although this stage varies according to the person, it can also result in the loss of all the hair. But there is no need to worry, the new and permanent hair will start to grow in a short time.

When does shedding stop after hair transplantation?

At the end of the third month after the procedure, the shedding has completely stopped and the scalp is as if no hair transplant has been applied. Acne and itching may appear on the scalp. These situations are the harbingers of new hair growth. Pimples should not be touched, the product should not be used without the recommendation of the physician, the scalp should not be itchy. Otherwise, new hair follicles may be damaged.

Does the transplanted hair come out in 2 months?

With the end of the healing process after hair transplantation, the transplanted hair starts to grow within 2-3 months, but it takes about 1 year to get the desired natural state. Although this process varies from person to person, this period may be shortened depending on the structure of the hair and environmental effects.

When does the transplanted hair grow?

The growth of new hair accelerates in the fourth month, and by the sixth month, new hair growth is 60% complete. Complaints seen in the third month are not seen at the end of the sixth month and the patient is relieved. The month in which 80%-90% of the new hair grows is the eighth month and the next period is the period when the hair grows.

When does the transplanted hair thicken?

It is difficult to give an exact time when the transplanted hair will thicken. Although this process and duration vary according to the physiological structure of the patient, it thickens between 9 months and 1 year on average.

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