What should be considered in rhinoplasty? Before nose surgeries, the most important issue to be considered is the evaluation of the patient and creating a functionally correct evaluation. Recognition of the patient and accurate determination of his complaints ensure that the treatment to be applied is carried out in the most effective way.

The decision of rhinoplasty emerges as a decision that creates a lot of question marks in people’s minds and is empowered. It should be noted that in today’s conditions, nasal aesthetics are applications that can be performed very successfully and have effective results.

However, it is very important for the success of rhinoplasty for people who are worried about the post-operative period to know what needs to be done before and after the operation.

It should be compatible with the face

Rhinoplasty is performed with the aim of improving the current appearance, and at this stage, a nose correction that can be compatible with the patient’s face is performed. Compared to the methods used in the past, rhinoplasty, which can be done quite easily today, carries some risks as in every operation. It is important to know these risks and take precautions.

Functional evaluation is a must

In order to perform a healthy nose surgery, it is essential to perform the functional evaluation in the most accurate way. The most accurate functional evaluation before nose surgery is the one that can be supported by the endoscopic method. It is only possible to prevent the symptoms that may occur and to perform the functional evaluation in the most complete way, with the effective use of endoscopic equipment.

The most accurate evaluation of nasal functions in nose surgeries ensures the preservation of nasal functions and the implementation of these functions is of vital importance in general.

Accurate diagnoses must be made

Especially before aesthetic nose surgeries, the main purpose should be to perform procedures that will not damage the nose functions. For this reason, before aesthetic nose surgery, the factors that cause breathing difficulties should be revealed with correct diagnoses.

It is another important point to diagnose and treat existing diseases, if any, before rhinoplasty. Diseases that have been diagnosed before the surgery and treated, if possible, both prevent unexpected symptoms that may occur during the surgery and ensure the smoothest and healthiest post-operative recovery process.

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