Ozone therapy strengthens the immune system. Ozone therapy is applied for respiratory and circulatory system diseases. It provides positive effects on diabetes, asthma and COPD patients. It is known as the elixir of youth. So, It is very effective in the treatment of chronic diseases.

Ozone therapy is used to reduce numbness and pain caused by diabetes in the foot area. It is also applied to treat circulatory disorders. It accelerates cell regeneration. In addition, It lowers blood sugar level.

Ozone removes oxygen deficiency by increasing the oxygen carrying capacity and elasticity of red blood cells and the fluidity of the blood. It is also applied as an adjunctive treatment in causing enlargement of the veins and in vascular occlusions.

It interacts directly with fat cells and reduces cholesterol. So, It reduces the loss of cartilage in calcifications and stimulates the production of intra-articular fluids and cartilage, thereby reducing joint pain and increasing mobility.

What diseases is ozone therapy good for?

Ozone; It is used in the treatment of diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension and autoimmune diseases including chronic inflammatory processes. The purpose of ozone therapy; is the body’s functions as they should be. It is considered a complementary therapy.

How long does ozone therapy take?

It depends on the patient’s condition. The average Ozone treatment application time is 30 minutes.

How many sessions does ozone therapy take?

Ozone therapy is applied 2-3 times a week, 10-15 sessions in doses determined according to the disease, its severity and stage.

When does ozone therapy benefit?

Depending on the type of disease, ozone, whose dose is adjusted, does not have a continuous effect. Although ozone therapy, which is applied twice a week and in total 10-12 sessions in most patients, shows its effect at the end of this period, it is reapplied as a single session in certain periods with the advice of the doctor.

Is ozone therapy harmful?

Ozone application made with the wrong material also reveals these carcinogens. In the long term, it can cause DNA damage that can lead to cancer. Ozone-labile substance disrupts the balance of testosterone Many undesirable conditions occur in men, leading to testosterone reduction and feminization.

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