Oral and Dental Health tourism attracts attention day by day. People residing abroad prefer Antalya, both because of the high cost of dental treatment in the region they live in, and because it is the tourism capital of the region we live in.
It is frequently stated by our patients who prefer us that the total cost of transportation, accommodation and treatment in our country is less than the cost of dental treatment in any European country. In addition to quality medical service, it is one of the reasons why we are preferred that it is at a higher level compared to many countries in terms of communication with the patient, examination and treatment time.
We also perform all our treatment and surgical operations under anesthesia, accompanied by a specialist physician.

What are Oral and Dental Health Branch Services?

• Dentist, Periodontology (Treatment of Gum Diseases), Orthodontics (Correction of Crooked Teeth, Treatment of Dental and Jaw Anomalies), TMJ – Jaw Joint Pain and Bruxism (Teeth Grinding) Treatment.
• Oral – Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery (Extraction of Impacted Teeth, Cyst and Tumor Operations, Jaw Fractures), Fillings and Root Canal Treatment, Crowns – Bridges and Prostheses, Implantology, Pedodontics (Treatment of Child Milk Teeth and Prevention of Caries in Children), Radiological Diagnosis and Treatment (Panoramic and RVG), Treatment and Surgery in Disabled Adults or Children.

What are Oral and Dental Health Branch Services?
What are Oral and Dental Health Branch Services?

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