Morbid obesity, which has recently caused serious complications, can be treated with surgical methods. Surgical treatment is the most radical and the most effective treatment method. Although most morbidly obese patients lose weight for a short time by dieting and exercising, they are more likely to regain weight. However, metabolism changes in patients undergoing surgical treatment, especially after sleeve gastrectomy surgery, there is a very serious loss of appetite, and since the stomach volume is small, the eating capacity decreases.

Surgical operations are procedures that must be performed with the approval of the committee. Before deciding on the operation, it should be evaluated by an endocrinologist, dietitian and psychologist.

Operation Types:

Obesity Surgery
Sleeve Gastrectomy
Gastric Bypass
Diabetes Surgery
Mini Gastric Bypass
Endoscopic Treatments
Allurion Elipse Gastric Balloon
Stomach Botox
Revision Surgery
Post Bariatric Surgery

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