What can be done for neck wrinkles, one of the areas where aging manifests itself? In this article, we tell you what can be done for your neck wrinkles.

The neck area is the area where the signs of aging are seen most clearly. Neck sagging can make people look older than they are. To eliminate signs of aging, neck wrinkles should be removed.

The young and healthy appearance of the face and neck fades over time. Skin and soft tissues sag due to factors such as genetic predisposition, gravity, environmental conditions, smoking, frequent weight gain and loss, age and stress.

The area called jowl covers the area from the chin to the lower part of the neck. Certain parts of the body tend to sag with age. The first sagging area is the jowl and neck area. The cause of neck sagging is weight gain or genetic factors. The clarification of the chin in the jowl area at the same time makes the chin line appear smaller.

There are methods that can be applied with enhancement techniques for those who are uncomfortable with the appearance of neck sagging. Thanks to the method to be determined according to the needs of the person, the appearance of the drooping jowl is reduced and the neck area is given a longer appearance.

How is wrinkle treatment done?

It is possible to remove fine lines in the neck area with Botox injection. The purpose of the application is to achieve a younger, smoother appearance.

Filling application is one of the most frequently used methods in medical aesthetics. One of the most commonly used fillers in these applications is hyaluronic acid. People who have hyaluronic acid injections have smoother, more elastic skin. Hyaluronic acid is an important substance in every tissue of our body. One of its most important tasks is to prevent skin aging. It is injected painlessly with a small needle into the problem area under the skin.

A chin lift is a surgical procedure. The operation is performed with incisions made behind the ear. The procedure is started with general anesthesia or sedation, local anesthesia. The sagging jowl area, which causes discomfort to the person, is cut and removed. After the skin is removed, the jowl looks flat and smooth and highlights the neck line.

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