Brazilian Butt Lift (Butt Augmentation), also known as a Brazilian Bum Lift surgery is a surgical procedure involving fat transfer from one part of the body into the buttocks for gives patients a beautifully contoured hourglass shape.

How is Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure performed?


Medications are administered for your comfort during the surgical procedure and general anesthesia is administered, so that you will be asleep throughout the procedure
The incision and fat injection
In the first stage your surgeon will make small incisions and insert the liposuction cannula to remove the fat from the donor area. After the fat is removed, it is processed and purified. The fat is then injected into your buttocks.
If you don’t have much fat, then may opt for a traditional excisional butt lift by silicone implant. Silicon protheses (implants) are fixed through the middle part of the hips to both sides.
Closing the incisions and completion of operation
Incisions are closed with layered and thin sutures, skin glue or surgical tape in the buttocks tissue. Over time the incision and suture lines will fade. About 80% of patients are satisfied with their results.



Brazilian Butt Lift After operation

After 2-5 days You can go back to your everyday light activities. For 3-4 weeks Avoid intense activity and heavy lifting. And for 1-2 months You should not sleep on your back. For 2 months You must wear special corset.

Plan your Procedure

Recovery time Full recovery takes from 6 to 12 months.
After 1-2 weeks you can go back to work and daily routine
Average Procedure Time 1-4 hours
Type of Anesthesia: General
Side Effects: Temporary pain
After-operation scarring: None
Procedure Recovery Location Outpatient
Post operation Follow-up Periodical calls as follow-up care after procedure.
Total duration stay in Turkey 2-5 days.

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