Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics; It is a surgical section used to diagnose and treat any congenital or acquired appearance disorder in the body. Plastic Surgery focuses on improving and beautifying the appearance of the face and body. For this reason, our Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery branch, which covers a wide area, performs facial aesthetics, rhinoplasty, breast aesthetics, body aesthetics and medical aesthetic operations.

What are Medical Applications?

• Ulthera
• Morpheus 8
• Coolsculpting (Zeltiq)
• Velashape 3
• Vectra 3D XT
• Botox
• Fill
• Cutera Trusculpt Flex
• BBL Laser (Broad Band Light)

What are Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Applications?

• Vaser Assisted Buttock Augmentation and Lifting
• Liposelection
• Vaser Hi-Def
• Vaser Assisted Face and Neck Lift
• Vaser Assisted Mini or Full Abdominoplasty
• Vaser Assisted Mini or Full Arm or Leg Lift
• Breast Aesthetics
• Nose Aesthetics
• Nose Aesthetics
• Stem Cell Supported Fat Transfers
• Hair Transplantation

Turkey is in the 7th place in the world in aesthetic tourism.

Turkey ranks seventh in world aesthetic tourism after America, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Italy and Germany. According to the data calculated in 2019, a total of 754,392 surgical and non-surgical aesthetic operations were performed in Turkey. Of the operations, 351.930 are surgical and 402,462 are medical operations.
Thousands of people from Europe, the Middle East and Russia entrust them to our experienced Turkish physicians. People who have medical-surgical operations both receive service by specialist physicians and return to their country happily and healthily by taking a vacation.

Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics
Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics

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