What are non-surgical aesthetic applications?


Botox application is used to remove deep wrinkles on the face. Areas where it is effective; forehead, crow’s feet, lip margin lines. With Botox, it is possible to remove the tired expression in the eyes by lifting the eyebrows a little, and to eliminate certain lines on the forehead and between the two eyebrows. The effect of Botox lasts for an average of 5 months, and it needs to be repeated after the effect wears off.

Filling application

The difference between filling application and botox is that it increases the volume on the face. It creates a volume effect by filling the needed area with something. Hence the filling; It is applied to the sunken, inconspicuous places where it should be obvious. For example, if the cheekbones are flattened, if the lines from the nose to the lip edge are too deep, if the lips are thin, filling material is applied to fill or thicken these areas.


PRP application, which is obtained from the person’s own blood; It is applied to the face, hands and scalp as it prevents hair loss. No foreign matter is found. Only in a tube, substances that can be useful in the blood are purified by separating them from other blood cells. This remaining purified PRP substance is applied little by little to the area to be treated. The beneficial cells given in PRP improve the quality of the skin. The skin becomes brighter, fresher, younger and healthier. It reduces some scars and lines. When applied to the scalp, it makes the hair thicker or prevents it from falling out.


Mesotherapy application improves the quality of the skin, renews the skin and moisturizes it. With mesotherapy, a brighter and fresher skin is obtained. It is made by applying the materials prepared differently from PRP to the skin. Mesotherapy is all the liquids given to the skin to improve skin quality. They usually contain hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes the skin. When mesotherapy is applied to the hair, the vitamins and minerals in its content prevent hair loss and even hair regrowth can be achieved.


It is a system in which needles are applied to the skin with caps containing many and tiny needles. When the Dermapen is operated, these heads frequently insert these needles into the skin with a certain vibration. The purpose here is to stimulate the collagen under the skin when the needles are inserted into the skin. The stimulated collagen heals by getting a little tighter. Therefore, thanks to the dermapen, both the skin tightens and the skin stimulated by externally applied needles is renewed as if it had a peeling effect. When a dermapen is applied to the person, it stimulates the skin and renews the skin itself. It is a very useful method. The recovery period takes 1 week. The reddened skin due to the needles regains its former state in 1 week.


Cryolipolysis is a procedure performed with a cold device. By connecting the patient to this device, the targeted fat tissue is reduced to a certain temperature and the fat tissue is dissolved. It is effective to a certain extent in reducing adipose tissue. An excessive amount of melting should not be expected. In sessions, the application is made according to the needs of the person. If there is a lot of fat and there is an excess on the skin, surgery may be required.

Fractional RF

In fractional RF, the device has a head of approximately 2*2 cm, just like in the dermapen. There are a lot of very thin needles in this cap. Those needles sink into the skin with each shot, but this time, radiofrequency energy is also given to the tip of those needles or along the needle. In shots, the skin is stimulated by both needle and radiofrequency energy. Radiofrequency energy provides the shrinkage of the area where it is applied. As this place shrinks, the skin tightens, some wrinkles appear, and the skin takes on a more lively appearance. There is a stretching effect due to compression. It can be applied to the eyebrows, the corner of the eye, the jowl area. It is applied in sessions according to the needs of the patients. Permanence is observed for 1-2 years. It can be applied around the abdomen, loose skin on the arms and legs with different caps.

Acoustic wave therapy

With the waves given in acoustic wave therapy, it is aimed to provide thinning and tightening by breaking down the adipose tissue. It is generally used to reduce the fat in the legs, hips, abdomen and the appearance of cellulite there. 3-4 or maybe more sessions can be applied. It is not a painful procedure. It is a treatment that can be easily applied to the patient without anesthesia. The application time may vary depending on the area. The duration of the effect is also related to the precautions that the patient will take in his life by being careful not to get fat.

Rope hanger

With a rope hanger, which is a popular method, the hangings on the face are hanged with a rope passed under the series. In this way, the skin is stretched. The skin is inserted directly under the rope. The skin is hung on the temple area, on the forehead where the bone in the scalp is. The rope can be passed under the skin in the desired direction, in the desired number of times. Wherever it will be hung, it is hung by pulling up. The surface of these spindles is serrated like herringbone. Therefore, when the thread placed under the skin is pulled, it is stretched by holding under the skin and the skin is suspended. This procedure can also be applied towards the back of the ear to stretch the sagging in the neck. It is done under local anaesthesia. It is a simpler method than surgery. The last French hangers can last up to 4-5 years. It varies according to the person and the degree of sagging on the skin and skin quality. The effect is less on oilier and thicker skin.

Skin stretching method with spider web

A large number of threads are placed under the skin in the form of a net. The collagen under the skin is expected to shrink around the thread placed under the skin. The rope because it makes a reaction under the skin. The net-shaped rope shrinks the skin, provides stretching and tightening of the skin.

Salmon DNA

Salmon DNA is a form of mesotherapy. It can be given alone or sometimes mixed with other vitamin mineral complexes. It is applied to the skin in the form of small dots with small needles. As a result of the application, the skin gets a brighter, high quality, fresh and lively appearance. 2-3 sessions can be applied.

Spot treatment

Stain treatment is a difficult treatment depending on the cause of the stain. Some stains can be very resistant. There are things to be considered both before and after stain treatment. The most effective treatment is exfoliating masks. With peelings, the skin is peeled off the stained area, and the area with the stain is removed and fresh skin comes from underneath.

Chemical peeling

It is a method of peeling the top layer of the skin with chemical substances. In this way, it is ensured that healthy skin comes out from the bottom. Thus, the defective skin is renewed. Various chemical agents are used. The most popular are chemicals such as trichloroacetic and phenol. These substances are rubbed into the skin. After waiting for a while, the skin is washed with water or its solution and these substances are removed. Time is very important here. If the substance stays on the skin longer than necessary, it will continue to burn. In the formation of new skin, it is necessary to protect from the sun and some situations that may cause stains. It can be applied in sessions. Depending on the location of the skin and why it is applied, it is important to increase or decrease the density of these chemicals. While it is used at low intensity around the eyes, it can be switched to more intense doses in deeper places.

Cellulite treatment

In the treatment of cellulite, which is a difficult treatment, non-surgical methods such as radiofrequency, cold lipolysis and acoustic wave can be tried. However, nutrition is very important. The appearance of cellulite can be reduced by means of lymph drainage or vacuum massage tools. All of these can also be tried in combination. There are a number of mesotherapy agents that correct cellulite. The cause of cellulite is tried to be opened by giving a needle to the cellulite area, just like on the same face. It may not be a hundred percent successful treatment.

Laser treatments

It is one of the most commonly used treatment methods. Chemical peeling can also be done with a laser. With the laser, the problem area of ​​the skin can be burned with a certain heat and peeling can be achieved. Laser is applied in spots and scars. All of this is done with devices of different wavelengths. Tattoo can be removed with laser. It can also be used for fine wrinkles. They are separate types of lasers used in epilation.

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