Health tourism consists of domestic or international travels. We offer people who want to benefit from the advanced health opportunities in our country for their health needs. Passengers come to Turkey for treatment with the Airport Transfer service. Transport servise takes them from the airport and reach them their destination.

Transfer service has the opportunities in our country within the scope of health tourism. In the transfer service, the patients are taken by direvers from Antalya Airport by VIP vehicles and left to different locations of the doctors or medical units serving in the required health service category.

Hospitals in Antalya offer this service to their patients. In health tourism, the desire to reach the location where the service will be received in the best way is the main reason for the formation of this service. Medical tourism attendants pick up passengers from the airport or from the location. They want to have transport service to the health units or physicians they want to reach in different locations. After the treatment, drivers dropp off patients at the airport for their return journey.

Comfortable vehicles, experienced drivers

Passengers come to Turkey from abroad for surgery, health checks, medical and surgical operations, dermatological checks and treatments. Our services pick up from the airport they landed and transported to the address they want in a comfortable and safe way. Trained and experienced drivers drive specially equipped vehicles.

We focuse on quality and satisfaction

By combining a quality and satisfaction-oriented approach with the awareness that every person is special and deserves the best, VIP transfer offers passengers the opportunity to experience the best travel experience. Passenger satisfaction is based on the understanding of quality service.

COVID-19 precautions in vehicles

All epidemic and COVID-19 precautions have been taken for people traveling for health and medical operations in vehicles that are regularly disinfected. There are personal masks and hand sanitizers in all vehicles. In addition, vehicles are always hygienic.

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