Serious investments are made in health tourism in Turkey. With health tourism, the season goes up to 12 months. Especially this winter, as a result of the Russo-Ukrainian War, the Russians cutting off gas to Europe and closing the doors of Europe to the Russians will benefit Turkey. A flock of tourists will come to Turkey. Health tourism will also get its share from this situation.

With Russia completely cutting off gas, 150 million retirees in Europe are expected to prefer Turkey, especially Antalya, for winter tourism. Tourism professionals in Turkey are also preparing to experience the most active winter tourism of the last 3 years. Antalya is the province that will respond to the demand in the face of the latest situation in Europe. In addition to winter tourism, it also has all kinds of opportunities for the development of health tourism.

The gas crisis in Europe will have a direct impact on winter tourism. The Russians, whose doors were closed by Europe due to the war, will come to Turkey in droves. 1 million Russian tourists are expected from Russia. Especially Antalya is a very attractive tourism destination. Leaving its competitors behind due to both quality and safety, Antalya will host many tourists from Europe for health tourism in the winter.

Health tourism will also revive in Antalya

Germany said that German retirees could spend the winter months in Turkey in order to save energy, and that the state could provide 500 Euro premium support to encourage retirees who will spend the winter in warm Mediterranean countries. This development, which will revive winter tourism, will also contribute to health tourism. European retirees whose gas was cut off also turned their route to Turkey for the winter.

Europeans will flock to Antalya

Germany, England, the Netherlands, Belgium and Scandinavian countries are the leading countries for winter tourism. Frankly, we will see together how the energy crisis in Europe will affect the tourism sector. Foreign tourists who will prefer Turkey for their holidays will also make significant contributions to health tourism. Antalya hospitals, which provide quality health services, will also get their share of health tourism on the occasion of winter tourism.


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