How Many Days Can One Return to Work After Obesity Surgery? The time to return to work after obesity surgery varies according to the operation technique used and the working conditions of the person. The absence of a large abdominal sac, pain and incision in the abdomen accelerates the process of returning to work. It will take time to regain strength and fully adjust to the feeding process. Therefore, you must be patient and focus on healing.

If working in an office environment with a desk, the rest period at home is limited to one week. With the approval of the doctor, he can continue his work from where he left off. If the person spends long hours in physical work under very severe conditions, the time to return to work is extended to one month. The reason is that it does not leave permanent damage to the body. There are no barriers to travel.

Return to Work After Gastric Balloon Application

Although gastric balloon application may seem like a surgical procedure, it is actually an endoscopic treatment. An inflatable silicone balloon is placed in the patient’s stomach. This procedure restricts the volume of the stomach. Thus, the amount of food entering the stomach of the patient is reduced. After the gastric balloon application, it will be sufficient for the patient to lie down for a few days. A doctor’s permission must be obtained to return to work. Still, it is important for the person to rest at home for a week (to get used to the balloon).

Return to Work After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is performed by laparoscopic method. During the operation, a part of the stomach is permanently removed. Thus, the volume of the stomach is reduced. Returning to work after sleeve gastrectomy is completely dependent on the individual’s work conditions and the approval of the physician. If the person works in an office environment, a one-week rest period will be enough for him to start work, but it will take a month for the patient who works in heavy and active jobs (worker, etc.) to get back to work. The important thing is that he does not tire himself when he returns to work. Otherwise, serious problems may occur in the stomach or the stitches may burst. This further extends the recovery time.

Return to Work After Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass surgery is a procedure that provides rapid weight loss. It is one of the bariatric surgery techniques. Like sleeve gastrectomy surgery, a part of the stomach is removed and reduced. Laparoscopic method is also used in gastric bypass procedure. Returning to work after gastric bypass surgery takes approximately one week. Here again, the work environment and working conditions of the individual are very important. The decision is made accordingly.


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