Eyelid aesthetic

Eyelid aesthetics is divided into two as upper and lower. Upper eyelid aesthetics is the process of removing excess skin from the eyebrow to the eye. This surgery is preferred due to factors such as the inability to apply eye shadow, difficulty in reading, and fading of the eyes.

Forehead Lift

Forehead lift operation is the process of removing a part of the forehead skin, which tends downward with aging, by cutting it from the face. During forehead lift, the incisions are made through the hair and the scars are not visible from the outside. After the forehead lift operation, effects such as raising the eyebrows and opening the field of view appear.

Neck Lift

Neck lift is performed by removing the excess skin from the neck that sags with aging. In neck lift surgeries, it is performed through the scalp. After full recovery, the surgical scars become so white that they are not visible.


Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty)

Since the nose is in the middle of the face, it determines almost the entire facial character of the person. Therefore, the deformity of the nose can make the person look different from what they want to be. Nose aesthetic surgeries are performed in accordance with the face of the people.

Chin Aesthetics

Jaw aesthetics should generally be carried out together with orthodontic treatment. First of all, the structure of the teeth should be checked and then jaw aesthetics should be planned. It is also possible to clarify the shape of the chin by injection with filling materials or the person’s own fat, or to correct the jowl by performing liposuction under the chin.

Lip Lift

Lip lift, known as Lilp Lifting, is the process of lifting the lip by making a small incision under the nose. It is usually applied to people whose lips have sufficient volume. It is appropriate to fill the lips of people with insufficient lip volume with their own oils or filling materials containing hyaluronic acid, and then to perform this procedure.


Fat Injections

The fat cells obtained from the patient’s own abdomen are separated and protected from the tissue-rich part, and the fat-rich part is separated and injected into the areas that need filling. Since the applied process is the transfer of live cells, 60-65% of them will continue to live in the area where they are permanently placed.

Cheek Aesthetics (Bichectomy)

Cheek aesthetics, also known as Hollywood cheek, is the process of thinning the cheeks. Excess cheek tissue is removed from the inside of the cheek and the face is given a weaker appearance. Cheek aesthetic surgery is performed under general anesthesia in approximately 1.5-2 hours.


Face Lift

Facelift is performed by removing the excess skin that sagging with aging from the face. In facelift surgeries, incisions are made in front of the ear and through the scalp. After full recovery, the surgical scars become so white that they are not visible.


Health Care-Plastic Surgery -Obesity Surgery -Medical Tourism-Dental AestheticsforAntalya Health & Holiday

Antalya, the capital of tourism, is on its way to becoming the leading province in health tourism. Antalya, which hosts approximately 10 million tourists annually from 208 countries of the world, now has a say in health tourism with 31 private, 15 state and 2 university hospitals.

Having 19 districts, Antalya stands out as a province with the necessary conditions in terms of health tourism. With the ease of traveling in the globalizing world, it is ensured that foreign patients benefit from better or cheaper health services within the framework of health tourism. All of Turkey, especially Antalya, opens its doors to foreign tourists who want to have plastic surgery.

You can safely get to our unique tourism regions such as Antalya, Bodrum, Izmir and especially Istanbul, which are included in the list of world famous cities, from all over the world. The Aegean and Mediterranean are coastal regions to each other and at the same time, airport transfer flight times take 45 minutes. The Mediterranean Region, which hosts more than 7 million tourists every year, is also a dreamy resort area. There are 3 different airports in the vicinity of the region.

According to the data of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Turkey became the sixth in the world with the number of 52.5 million tourists in 2019. We are waiting for you in our country, the center of tourism, health, cosmetics and traditional food.

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