Obesity, a disease of our age, has become a public health problem all over the world and in Turkey. If obesity is not treated, it brings with it important health problems. The ideal treatment for obesity is diet and exercise. However, the most effective method for people who cannot achieve this is bariatric surgery.

The prevalence of obesity is increasing due to the consumption of ready-made and processed food and a sedentary lifestyle. especially type 2 diabetes; Obesity is an important risk factor for the development of hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, breast, prostate, gynecological problems and colon cancer. It plays a role in the emergence of many diseases such as gallstone formation, reflux, infertility, asthma, sleep apnea, muscle and joint pain.

The most effective weight loss method is bariatric surgery

The first choice in the treatment of obesity is always lifestyle change, namely diet and sports. Patients apply, safely Non-surgical methods such as stomach botox and gastric balloon or bariatric surgery (tube stomach or mini gastric bypass surgery). All over the world in patients who cannot achieve this or cannot gain weight again. 

Different treatment methods are applied from patient to patient

Patients can apply that treatment method. That treatment method is according to body mass index, diseases accompanying obesity and nutritional habits. In the postoperative period, weight loss is ensured to be permanent with the follow-up of a psychologist, dietitian and physiotherapist.

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