Non-surgical aesthetic applications are applications that do not require the use of anesthesia as in surgical operations. No rest period is required. After the procedures, the person can return to his daily life in a short time or even on the same day. Successful results obtained with surgical procedures give similar results with these aesthetic procedures that do not require surgical procedures.

We do deep skin care by using many dermocosmetic products that we use against aging in our clinic. We try to resist aging by repeating anti-aging skin care at regular intervals.

Chemical peeling is used to remove stains on the skin. It can be combined with PRP & Mesotherapy for spot treatment. It is important to protect from the sun after such treatments. For this reason, it is recommended to have it done during the winter months when the effects of the sun decrease.

Bottulinum Toxin application is a good method used for the opening of fine wrinkles, chin & teeth clenching treatment, and reduction of armpit, palm and underfoot sweating. This application does not have any side effects. The minimum age for this application must be 25.

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Filling can be applied to the temples, under the eyes, to the sides of the nose, lips and chin. Filling materials are products containing hyaluronic acid and do not cause any harm to humans. The permanence of fillers containing hyaluronic acid is between 8-12 months.

With the “youth vaccine” containing pure hyaluronic acid that rejuvenates the skin, it is possible to achieve a baby-like appearance on the face, neck and hands! Pure hyaluronic acid is applied to areas such as the face, neck and hands with the IAL system called “youth vaccine”. Thus, a baby skin-like appearance can be achieved in these areas.

PRP is the process of taking the person’s own blood, separating the stem cell-rich part and injecting it into the area to be injected. Mesotherapy, on the other hand, consists of a combination of some vitamins and is in liquid form. PRP and Mesotherapy application is applied to rejuvenate the skin and provide anti-aging activation.

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