Vegetable and fruit consumption should be provided in sufficient amounts on a daily basis. (For healthy individuals, at least 5 portions (at least 400 g/day) of vegetables and fruits should be consumed, at least 2.5-3 portions of vegetables and 2-3 portions of fruit should be consumed. Two servings of green leafy vegetables (such as spinach, broccoli) or other vegetables such as tomatoes are recommended, while fruit is citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, or other fruits rich in antioxidants.)

In order to ensure a balanced diet, one quarter of the plate from vegetables, the other quarter from whole grain products and the remaining half from fruits in equal three parts, high protein foods (legumes, meat, eggs, fish, chicken, oilseeds, etc.) and dairy products in each main meal to ensure a balanced diet. (milk, yoghurt, ayran, cheese, etc.) is recommended. In addition to these, it is recommended to ensure adequate water consumption and to use olive oil in daily nutrition.

Another protein source alternative is legumes. Green, red lentils, chickpeas, bean varieties, kidney beans, etc. foods can be consumed every day.
In cases where fresh fish, which is recommended to be consumed at least twice a week, cannot be found, frozen or canned tuna alternatives may be recommended to be kept at home in case of quarantine situations.

Eggs and cheese varieties are also foods containing quality animal protein that can last for a long time when stored in appropriate conditions. Adequate protein intake is required every day in order for antibodies, which are important defense mechanisms of the body, to fulfill their duties against viruses and bacteria that cause diseases. In addition to these, beneficial microorganisms in products such as probiotic-fortified yogurt and kefir can also be consumed by lovers, especially during this period, as they can support the immune system.

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