Nose aesthetic operations called rhinoplasty should be considered successful if they are performed together with aesthetic and functional harmony and without disturbing the naturalness.

With “closed” rhinoplasty, which has regained its popularity in recent years, the supporting tissues called the ligaments at the tip of the nose are not cut, and the functional integrity is guaranteed by the dissection performed by releasing the cartilage and soft tissues under the perichondrium, the membrane that protects the nasal cartilages.

The reduction and shaping of the bone protrusion, also called nasal hump, is performed with ultrasonic shapers called “piezo” without breaking the bones.

Finally, the nasal tip cartilages are brought to appropriate positions and sizes, the tip of the nose, called the nose type designation point, is reconstructed without thinning and lifting too much…

The supports made using your own cartilages are placed on the necessary weak or accentuated points, and a natural but perfect-looking nose structure is achieved.

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