Healing Process After Nose Surgery The first 3 days after the nose surgery are very important. In order to have a problem-free healing process, the elements that need to be considered should be strictly followed. We have included the things that must be followed in order to complete the nose surgery process perfectly in our article.

48 hours after rhinoplasty, the patient is allowed to take a warm shower as the first signals of returning to normal life. The splint worn after the surgery relaxes the nose and ensures that the post-operative period is comfortable. The contact of the splint with water does not cause any problems.

The first 3 nights are important

Sleeping with the head in an upright position for the first 3 nights after the surgery is one of the most important elements of the healing process. Patients should rest during the day, especially lying down and sitting; It is recommended to avoid exercises and movements that will tire them out. There is no obstacle for patients who feel well to go out.

Bruises can last 1-2 weeks

It will take 1-2 weeks for the swelling and bruises on the face to disappear. However; It takes 6 months for the nose to take its final and desired shape. The patient does not encounter any problems and discomfort other than waiting during the recovery process.

Things not to do after rhinoplasty are as follows;

Ice application to the face should only be done under the advice of a doctor. You should apply the ice compress as recommended by your doctor.

Special liquids containing sea/ocean water should be used to clean the nose. The nose should never be cleaned by blowing.

After the operation, one should not go to places such as the sea, pool, Turkish bath, solarium and sauna for a while. There is a risk of blowing and inflaming the nose here.

Skin care should not be done for 3 months after nose surgery.

Sports activities played with a ball such as football, volleyball and basketball should be avoided.

The nose should be protected against possible impacts more than ever before.

Be careful when playing games with children.

In order not to put a load on the nasal bone for the first 3 months; glasses, etc., including sunglasses. accessories should not be attached.

People who have surgery, especially in the summer months, should avoid sunlight. Before going out in the sun, a high factor sunscreen should be applied and a hat should be worn.

Facial expressions that will overwork the facial muscles should be avoided. Such movements force the nose area and cause discomfort to the person.

Difficult-to-chew foods should not be consumed for a while as they will strain the facial muscles.

Hard movements while brushing the teeth cause pressure at the base of the nose. For this reason, it should not be used hard while brushing the teeth, soft movements should be preferred.

When going up and down stairs, fast movements should be avoided and comfortable and safe sports shoes should be preferred.

There is no need for the patient to be afraid of touching his nose. It is necessary to be careful when sneezing for the first few days. It will be sufficient for the patient to try to sneeze through his mouth by tilting his head slightly while sneezing.

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