Hair transplant operation is a surgical procedure for aesthetic purposes that should be performed in a hospital environment. With its effective results, Turkey is the first country that comes to mind among the preferred countries in the world for hair transplantation. High quality hair transplantation is performed in hospitals in Antalya. Existing hospitals strive to provide the best hair transplant. Patient satisfaction is also given priority.

What is the best hair transplant method?

There are two most known and used methods in hair transplantation. Due to the difference in the way of hair removal, these methods are divided into two. In the first technique, hair follicles are taken from behind the two ears and hair is transplanted to the area to be transplanted. This technique leaves traces in the form of lines.

In the second technique, hair follicles are taken from the back of the hair and hair transplantation is made to the area where it is needed. Live hair follicle transplantation is used in both methods. The most preferred method among these methods is the application of hair transplantation with the hair taken from the nape area. The reason why the second technique is most preferred is that there is no scar after the operation.

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What are the criteria to consider when choosing a clinic?

The clinics you will prefer should first have a team of translators. Afterwards, your trips to and from the country should be organized. Most importantly, you should entrust yourself to reliable hands in a clinic that has state-of-the-art products and works with expert staff. Finally, choosing a clinic with Ministry of Health approved standard certificates will enable you to have a successful hair transplant process.


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Transport And Accommodation Service

Health tourism consists of domestic or international travels made by people who want to benefit from the advanced health opportunities offered in our country due to their health needs. With the Airport Transfer service, passengers coming to Turkey for treatment are taken from the airport they landed at and they are provided to reach their destination.

One of the factors that determine the quality dimensions in the services of health tourism is accommodation. Foreign patients act together with health institutions that provide the most suitable conditions for your demands to receive quality health services. In this context, Antalya fully meets the expectations of patients coming for health tourism.

Hospitals in Antalya offer this service to their patients. In health tourism, the desire to reach the location where the service will be received in the best way is the main reason for the formation of this service. Passengers who are picked up from the airport or from the location they want are transported to the health units or physicians they want to reach in different locations.

After the treatment, the patients are again dropped off at the airport for their return journey. In this direction, health tourism practices are organized to meet the needs of patients in terms of transportation, accommodation, health facilities and rehabilitation.

Comfortable vehicles, experienced drivers

Passengers who come to Turkey from abroad for surgery, health checks, medical and surgical operations, dermatological checks and treatments are picked up from the airport they landed and transported to the address they want in a comfortable and safe way. Transport service is provided by specially trained and experienced drivers and specially equipped vehicles.

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Hospitals in cooperation with Hotels 

All hospitals in Antalya have Expert Consultant Personnel who speak foreign languages. At the same time, hospitals have agreements with the leading tourism hotels of all holiday regions of Antalya.

For this reason, patients have the opportunity to choose both the VIP rooms of the hospitals and the most suitable hotel for their accommodation needs. During a visit to health, patients want to be comfortable as well. They prefer to stay in a hotel suitable for their demands or in the VIP rooms of the hospital.

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We are focused on quality and satisfaction

By combining a quality and satisfaction-oriented approach with the awareness that every person is special and deserves the best, VIP transfer offers passengers the opportunity to experience the best travel experience.

Hospitals need to meet the expectations of patients to receive quality service. For this reason, it is important that hospitals have internationally accepted certificates and accreditation documents to convince their patients coming from abroad about the quality of service.

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