What is Face Aesthetics?

Face aesthetics requiring surgical operation is the general name given to aesthetic operations performed in the face, neck and décolleté area. In facial aesthetic surgery; face lift, neck lift, face lift, rhinoplasty, lip aesthetics, ear aesthetics, eye surgery, eyebrow lift, chin aesthetics.

With non-surgical aesthetic applications, the skin looks younger and more beautiful. Non-surgical aesthetic applications do not require the use of anesthesia and rest time as in surgical operations. Non-surgical applications for aesthetic purposes are divided into many different types, but the most applied ones are listed as procedures such as botox, fillers, fat injections and mesotherapy.


What are the most common face plastic surgery operations?

The most frequently applied facial aesthetic surgery operations; Aesthetic nose surgery, prominent ear correction, eyelid surgery, eyebrow lift surgery, chin surgery, face and neck lift surgery, forehead lift, chin and cheekbone prosthesis applications. Rhinoplasty has a special place among these surgeries. Because rhinoplasty is the most common facial surgery in our country.

How is face aesthetics done?

With the incision made on the skin, the connective tissues under the skin, mimic muscles and loosened tissues intervene. With the touches made to these deep tissues under the skin, the loose and sagging elements move to the places where they should be on a normal face and the existing disorders eliminate.


What is done in face aesthetics?

It differs according to the region where it is made. Eyelid aesthetics, neck lift, face lift, bichectomy cheek aesthetics, chin jawline filling, eyebrow lift, fat injections and muscle aesthetics. Each of these aesthetics has a different difficulty and ease. Therefore, before these operations, information should obtaine by physician and these operations should performe under the guidance of a physician.

Which non-surgical facial aesthetic application is the most demanded?

When we look at the face aesthetics in general, the most demanded aesthetic form is fat injection. Because in this aesthetic operation, by doctors, excess fat from other parts of the body remove and injecte into the sunken and wrinkled places on the face, such as the belly and hips.


How do Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetics apply?

With the development of technology and medicine, most of the facial aesthetic applications performe without surgery by aesthetician. By doctors, non-surgical applications usually performe without any scarring and patients can return to their daily lives in a very short time after the application.

How many days does face surgery heal?

After facial surgery, time requires for the swelling to go down and the wound to heal. Many patients can return to work within 1-2 weeks, depending on the patient’s personal characteristics and the extent of the intervention. At the end of this period, swelling and bruises will significantly reduce for patients.

Who do face aesthetics apply?

There is no certain age limit for facial aesthetic applications. However, if there is no medical necessity, it is necessary to be over the age of 18 to benefit from aesthetic applications.

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