Genetic reasons, environmental factors such as infection or old age cause eye problems. Diseases that occur in the eyelids, the eye membrane known as the transparent layer that protects the eye against external influences, the tear ducts, the lens of the eye or the nerve tissues surrounding the eye are eye diseases.

Symptoms of eye diseases can easily notice. Heaviness and pain in the eyes, tearing in the eyes, itching and stinging in the eyes, decreased vision, eye itching and swelling of the eyelids are among the symptoms of eye diseases. Eye diseases can be environmental and genetic.

Correct diagnosis and treatment is important!

Side effects of sinusitis, headache, flu, cold and febrile diseases, congestion in the tear ducts and dry eyes, diabetes and heart disease, and genetic features are the most common symptoms of eye diseases. Eye problems can treate effectively when correct examination and correct eye treatment apply.

What are the types of eye diseases?

Glaucoma (Eye Pressure)

Structural obstruction in the channels that release the intraocular fluid causes the fluid not to be discharged sufficiently and increases the intraocular pressure. Increased eye pressure also causes loss of eye nerves, leading to problems such as blurred vision, severe headache and eye pain.

Cataract (Curtain Stroke on the Eye)

Cataract, which has a higher incidence in advancing ages and in diabetics, is an eye disease in which the lens of the eye loses its transparency. With the loss of transparency of the eye lens, painless and rapidly progressive vision loss, glare, and severe sensitivity to light develop.

Color Blindness

It is a hereditary vision problem that develops due to the absence of special pigments that allow color discrimination in the visual center or the lack of sufficient amount of pigment. Color blindness is usually caused by the inability to distinguish one or more of the colors red, green, and blue.


Strabismus, which is often congenital or may occur as a result of accident or febrile diseases, can define as an eye problem that prevents the two eyes from looking parallel to one point.

Allergic Conjunctivitis

It can be said that the most common eye diseases in the society are caused by eye allergies. Contact Eye Allergy developing against drugs and make-up products, Spring Eye Allergy caused by hot and dry climate… In additions; Seasonal Allergic Conjunctivitis known as hay fever are the most common allergic eye diseases.


Eyelid drooping, which develops due to old age, is a common eye problem, also known as eyelid inversion.

Eye Problems

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