Smile design

Smile design is the treatment to have a natural smile, which is the indispensable condition of a self-confident stance and effective impression in social life, in this period when aesthetics has become a priority expectation among patients in recent years.

In addition to the treatment of dental caries, the application of tartar cleaning, the replacement of missing teeth with prosthetic teeth, many patients are knocking on the door of dentists with complaints of crowding, irregularity and discoloration.

How can I have an aesthetic smile?

Although aesthetics is a relative concept, it means natural beauty by definition. Many factors serve smile aesthetics; like teeth, gums, tooth visibility, color…

Patients are unaware of how visible their gums are when smiling. In the studies carried out; Although individuals could not describe the reason for their smiles with gingival visibility more than 3-4 mm, they found it aesthetically bad. Upper jaw anterior teeth; A more natural appearance is achieved when the patient imitates the square, triangular or oval face form. In order to protect the nature; In dental treatments, new production composite and porcelain materials with light transmittance similar to natural teeth are preferred.

Shaping the gums to reduce the visibility of the gums, teeth whitening procedures, aesthetic composite fillings, porcelain coatings, zirconium coatings, lamina porcelain are the main treatment methods we prefer for smile design in our patients with aesthetic problems.

How to make a smile design?

Before we talk about smile design, we should explain why and how we do aesthetic tooth analysis. The most important stage of treatment is analysis. The positions, shapes, colors and sizes of the lower and upper teeth relative to each other are evaluated. First of all, diagnostic models are obtained from the patient with the traditional measurement method or intraoral scanners. Intraoral, extraoral, smile and profile photos are taken. Considering the patient’s complaints and expectations, the digital design phase is started. All the records we obtain are brought together in computer environment using smile design programs. In these programs, drawings and modifications can be made on photographs and three-dimensional records. The procedures to be performed are applied on the created digital model and digital photographs close to the treatment result are created. Thanks to the smile design, the most approximate visuals of the treatment result are obtained before the procedure is applied to the patients. Models imitating the end of treatment are prepared with laboratory studies on diagnostic models. The application is made using temporary materials in the patient’s mouth, this is called “mock up”.

With the development of technology, without applying any procedure to our patients; We offer you the chance to evaluate what can be done both photographically and prosthetically on the teeth in the clinic.

Smile design prices 2022

Smile design can be applied with full porcelain restorations or laminate porcelains. The number of teeth to be applied in each patient may vary. Aesthetic materials are imported products and their prices change depending on the exchange rate. It also needs to be prepared with a detailed and meticulous craftsmanship and artistry. For this reason, the knowledge and experience of the ceramicist who processes the restorations significantly affects the aesthetic level of the result. In order to determine the price for your smile design, your dentist should perform a detailed examination.

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