What is Dental Aesthetic?

Dental aesthetics is a comprehensive application. You should know some things before having dental aesthetics. Dental aesthetics is not a one-time procedure. Costs in dental aesthetics vary according to different criteria. Here are the things to know before dental aesthetics…Dental aesthetics is the field of dentistry that focuses on improving and restoring the appearance of teeth. Aesthetic dentistry is the specialty of dentistry that deals with improving the smile and other aspects of the facial area. Aesthetic dentists operate in a wide range of fields. Because aesthetic dental applications; It contains many different applications that improve your smile and make you look beautiful. This situation makes it possible for dental aesthetics to come to the fore recently.

Dental Aesthetics Applications

Dental aesthetics; It is a type of application that is applied in case of problems in the general appearance of the teeth. Dental aesthetic applications; It covers smile aesthetics, gingival aesthetics (pink aesthetics), teeth whitening (bleaching), composite bonding applications, porcelain laminate applications, universal aesthetic porcelain crowns, implant applications, inlay / onlay restorations and laser applications.

Smile Aesthetics

Smile aesthetics is to plan the most beautiful smile that combines function, aesthetics and naturalness, taking into account personal wishes and expectations. Generally, applications are achieved by performing one or more applications such as bleaching, porcelain laminates, implant applications or gingivoplasty in a synchronized manner. In smile aesthetics, factors such as the patient’s face form and shape, skin color, gender, age, lips, condition of lip edges, color of teeth, alignment and gingival structure are taken into consideration.

Teeth Whitening

As long as it is done under the supervision of a physician, this process, which does not cause any harm to the tooth with the use of appropriate gel, can be repeated at appropriate time intervals when necessary and can be renewed within the framework of aesthetic elements.

Gum Aesthetics 

In some people, especially in the maximum phase of the smile moment, there may be a situation where the gum tissue appears too much or the teeth appear short. This problem, called “Gummy Smile”, can cause dissatisfaction in patients. However, these cases can be treated with a simple gum shaping application. With the Laser devices used in these applications, there is no bleeding during the procedure and rapid tissue healing, which is one of the most important features of laser devices, is observed.

Porcelain Laminate Applications

Laminate applications; It is performed in the presence of small crowding, in people who do not want to undergo orthodontic treatment, in people whose tooth color and forms are not aesthetic, in people with small or spaced teeth, and in people who have broken tooth tissue. In lamina applications, little or no abrasion is made on the front surface of the tooth tissue. With porcelain materials with high aesthetic sensitivity, one-to-one application is made and applied specific to the tooth. Laminates, which are ideally made and have high light transmittance, give results that are very suitable for the expectation of the person.

Inlay / Onlay Restorations


These fillings are not made directly by the physician. These fillings are made in a laboratory environment by sending the measurements taken to the technicians. Composite and porcelain materials can be used in these fillings, which are especially applied in cases where large volume and form loss in the tooth tissue or ideal contact with the side tooth is desired. In this way, the material strength of the filling made is high, and at the same time, it is completely compatible with the person’s own tooth and aesthetic in terms of elements such as color, form and structure.

Full Aesthetic Porcelain Crowns


In this type of restoration, the teeth are completely cut and reduced to make room for the veneers to be made. In the past, a metal infrastructure was created and porcelain, which is an aesthetic element, was processed. Due to the metal part in its infrastructure, sufficient light transmission could not be achieved and the desired appearance could not be achieved. Today, crowns that do not contain metal infrastructure can be made. These restorations, which are sometimes applied in the form of full porcelain and sometimes with the support of zirconium material, can fully meet the patient’s expectations with light transmission and refraction very close to the natural tooth.

Implant Applications

Ideal gingival harmony and form harmony can be achieved with the prosthesis made because of implant applications made to the lost tooth region in the anterior region of the tooth. As a result of the developing material processes, the implants have now reached an aesthetic appearance, the implants that were produced only as titanium alloy metal in the past have now reached a full aesthetic position with zirconium. In this way, the problem of metal reflection from under the gingival tissue is prevented.


Laser Applications

This application is applied for the removal of caries tissue and gingival applications. Laser devices are used in shaping the gingival tissue, especially since there is no bleeding and tissue healing is high. It is much more effective than the classical methods, which is the use of scalpel, in eliminating the presence of pigmentation (brown appearance) in the gingival tissue, especially due to excessive smoking, and significantly increases the comfort of the patient.


Composite Bonding 

These are the procedures applied to remove the crowding in the anterior teeth, sometimes for the restoration of broken and carious tissues, or to expand the teeth that are found to be short or small. Composite fillings applied in these studies are selected to match the tooth color and light transmittance of the person, and then applied by paying attention to the tooth forms. With this application, an aesthetic smile is achieved and the fillings made have the same brightness and color tone as the teeth.

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