The capital of tourism, Antalya, is on its way to becoming the leading province in health tourism. Antalya, which hosts approximately 10 million tourists annually from 208 countries of the world, now has a say in health tourism with 31 private, 15 state and 2 university hospitals.

According to the data of Antalya Governorship Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism, the number of foreign tourists arriving in Antalya by air in the first 7 months of 2022, reached 7 million thousand. Having 19 districts, Antalya stands out as a province with the necessary conditions in terms of health tourism.

Preferred for aesthetic operations

With the ease of traveling in the globalizing world, it is ensured that foreign patients benefit from better or cheaper health services within the framework of health tourism. All of Turkey, especially Antalya, opens its doors to foreign tourists who want to have plastic surgery. Saying “We are also in health tourism”, Antalya is in demand by foreign tourists for aesthetic surgeries.

Hospitals offer accommodation

Some of the hospitals in Antalya provide accommodation services to their patients, while others make agreements with various hotels. Hospitals prevent their customers from experiencing accommodation problems. In this way, foreign tourists who come for treatment, also benefit from the comfortable accommodation service offered by hospitals during the recovery process.


Editor: Gozde Dolayman Ersan

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