Antalya Anadolu Hospitals group, provides quality and reliable health services at international standards that have existed in the health sector for 29 years; It is a worldwide hospital that offers all domestic and foreign patients in accessible conditions. It has opened a total of 7 hospitals in Belek, Antalya Center, Side, Alanya, Serik and Lara regions in the Antalya Region.

We provide service with more than 300 doctors and 1800 health workers in total in our 7 hospitals. Lara Anadolu Hospital and Aspendos Anadolu Hospital were awarded with A score. As Antalya Anadolu Hospitals, we are proud of being the first healthcare institution equipped with comprehensive and advanced technology that responds to an important need of Antalya on this path we took in 1993.

Quality and reliable health service in Antalya Region; As Antalya Anadolu Hospitals, our goal is to provide services to all domestic and foreign patients in accessible conditions; To provide better quality and safer health services to our patients by following technological developments, new diagnosis and treatment methods.

Since 2010, it has been in active cooperation with the German Temos Inspection Agency, one of the top health accreditation companies in Europe. It has international documents with the positive results of the patient and hospital safety inspections carried out by Temos.

Antalya is one of the important tourism destinations of Turkey. We have been in health tourism for many years. Anadolu Hospitals, taking into account the needs and demands of the tourism sector that has emerged in the Antalya Region over the years; It offers infirmary and health services to tourists in approximately 300 hotels from Kemer to Alanya.

Anadolu Hospitals Group; closely follows technological developments, new diagnosis and treatment methods. It is constantly evolving to provide better and safer healthcare to patients.
Using modern medical technologies, it provides health services with its carefully selected physician-health personnel staff, patient-oriented approach and patient satisfaction that prioritizes quality.

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