What is Hip Aesthetics?

With hip aesthetics, the desired shape is given to the buttock. It is an application that fills the lower and middle parts of the butt with an extremely soft transition from the waist area.

Thanks to this aesthetic application, the hips become fuller. Thus, the hips acquire a rounded appearance. All surgical applications for aesthetic purposes on the hip area are also known as butt aesthetics.

In recent years, hip aesthetic applications have become extremely popular. The fact that many women want to have a more aesthetic and smooth hip has increased the popularity of hip aesthetics. The preference of women who want to have a more attractive appearance is hip aesthetics. Hip aesthetics; It covers various operations on the waist, hips and buttocks.

The main goal in hip aesthetic operation is to have an upright and smooth buttock. In this aesthetic application, a fit appearance is obtained by removing the excess in the waist or hip area. But hip aesthetic operations are not performed for a single purpose. Because some women want to get thinner in the hip area, while others want to have an upright appearance. In this operation performed with liposuction application, fat injection can be made to the upper parts if necessary.


What are the Types of Hip Aesthetics?

Hip aesthetics, preferred by every woman who wants to have a more aesthetic and smooth hip, stands out with different varieties according to its applications. Hip structures that cause an unpleasant appearance because they are bulky or disproportionate to the body can be corrected with buttock aesthetics.

Types of hip aesthetics that may differ according to their applications;

  • Large and flat hip reduction surgery
  • Hip lift surgery
  • Hip augmentation surgery

What are the Methods Used in Hip Aesthetics?

Hip aesthetic operations; It covers Butt Lifting, Butt Lifting and Butt Lifting operations. Apart from these procedures, alternatives may be offered depending on the body shape.

Who Can Be Applied to the Hip Aesthetics Procedure?

Hip aesthetic operations are mostly applied for women who are not satisfied with the appearance of their hips or who have problems in this area. Individuals who want to have this operation should consult a doctor before the procedure. Because in this way, they have the opportunity to express why they want to have this operation and in what sense they want to get help. After consultation, your doctor decides whether the procedure should be performed.


What are the Methods Used in Hip Aesthetics?

Those who see those who have hip aesthetics usually start to investigate this process. Women who see the positive effect of hip aesthetic surgery on those who have had it, approach this operation with great interest. Therefore, the methods used in the operation pose a question mark in mind. Hip aesthetic operation is performed with different methods. We can list these methods as follows:

  • Application with Fat Injection: With this method known as liposuction, fat is removed from the hips, waist and lower parts of the buttocks and thus a smooth appearance is obtained.
  • Buttock Silicone: If liposuction is insufficient, this method is used this time. The aim is to make the hip become more upright.
  • Butt Lift: This method is applied for women who were overweight before but became weaker later on. The main purpose of the application of this method is to eliminate the excess skin caused by the weight loss.

In addition, which of these operations performed with different methods will be applied depends on the condition of the person who will have the operation and the decision of the doctor.


Frequently Asked Questions About Hip Aesthetics

Is the butt shaping process with fat injection permanent?

Butt shaping with fat injection, unfortunately, is not permanent. However, thanks to the new techniques developed over time, the permanence rate of this process has increased.

Is anesthesia required in hip aesthetic surgeries?

Hip aesthetic operations are performed in operating rooms with general anesthesia.

Are hip aesthetic surgeries painful?

Individuals who want to have aesthetic operations such as hip aesthetic surgery and hip augmentation aesthetics (surgery) often wonder whether these operations are painful. Buttock prostheses can be painful in some cases. However, patients may have difficulty sitting and standing after the operation.


What is the process like after hip aesthetic surgery?

After hip aesthetic surgery, patients usually do not need to stay in the hospital and can return home within the same day. However, patients may need to stay in the hospital for up to one day after the operations performed by removing the skin in the form of a belt. Two days after the hip aesthetic operation, the patient can start taking a shower.

The sutures made during the operation are usually under the skin. Therefore, there is no need to remove the sutures. It is recommended to use a corset for the first three weeks after the operation. If the surgery was performed with butt prostheses, it is useful to be extremely careful while sitting and standing. Apart from these, you can start light exercises in the 3rd week after the operation and at the end of the 6th week, you can do all the activities.


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