One of the factors that determine the quality dimensions in the services of health tourism is accommodation. Foreign patients act together with health institutions that provide the most suitable conditions for your demands in order to receive quality health services. In this context, Antalya fully meets the expectations of patients coming for health tourism.

Within the scope of health tourism, it provides hotel accommodation and reservation services for patients coming from Turkey or abroad in order to create a comfortable environment before and after the operation. In order to prevent domestic and foreign guests from experiencing accommodation problems, it follows the process completely and performs every step in accordance with international standards. In this direction, health tourism practices are organized to meet the needs of patients in terms of transportation, accommodation, health facilities and rehabilitation.

Hospitals in cooperation with hotels

All hospitals in Antalya have Expert Consultant Personnel who speak foreign languages. ; At the same time, hospitals have agreements with the leading tourism hotels of all holiday regions of Antalya.

For this reason, patients have the opportunity to choose both the VIP rooms of the hospitals and the most suitable hotel for their accommodation needs. During a visit to health, patients want to be comfortable as well. They prefer to stay in a hotel suitable for their demands or in the VIP rooms of the hospital.

Facilities must be comfortable and reliable

Hospitals that will serve their patients have consultants and translators to choose the facility that will provide the highest level of comfort and fit the budget of the patients. The common feature of the accommodation facilities with which the hospitals are contracted is that they are absolutely comfortable and reliable.

Hospitals need to meet the expectations of patients to receive quality service. For this reason, it is important that hospitals have internationally accepted certificates and accreditation documents in order to convince their patients coming from abroad about the quality of service.

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